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What is Area 16? 

No, It's not a sexy, top-secret military base housing aliens or alien technology. 


Technically, Area Sixteen is a geographical boundary that realtors use to describe everything South of i-10, East of 610, North of 59, and West of 45.


Philosophically, Area Sixteen is inspirational, illuminating and a bit off-the-wall, just like Houston. Area Sixteen uses these pages to give a voice to the people, places, and ideas that most closely articulate the character of these diverse neighborhoods of Houston, TX.


The stories told reveal truthful moments: love, hard-work, joy, struggles, and many more. Take a journey with me as we explore who these neighborhoods are and who they want to be, paying tribute to the legacies worthy of moving us forward.

Who is Area 16?

Hi Fellow Houstonian or Would-be Visitor,


My name is Kyle Santolini. I have been a licensed realtor for 10 years now, 6 of which have been focused in my hometown of  Houston, TX. My love for real estate started when I was very young. Homes, neighborhoods, environments and the interconnections between them fascinated me. It created a passion for place. It’s a passion for the communities that surround these structures. It’s for the people that call these areas home. That’s why I love real estate.


My husband and I call Area Sixteen home. We live where Montrose & River Oaks collide in a neighborhood known as Winlow Place. Together with our dogs Kennedy & Brutus, collectively known as our “Goobies”, we have nested in a 720 sqft. garage apartment  for the last 4 ½ years. I am often asked why we continue to live in such a small space, and my answer is always the same. We are obsessed with our neighborhood, the people and the places that surround us. We love it so much we are willing to live above a garage until we can afford what we want, in the neighborhood we want. In short, Area Sixteen is home and we want to keep it that way.


Area Sixteen started as a project to explore the intricacies of urban Houston, better known as the “Inner-Loop”. Local realtors refer to a portion of the Inner-Loop as Area Sixteen. What began as a journey of self education became a desire to share my discoveries with others, letting the cat out of the bag of why Area Sixteen is such a vibrant, eclectic and soulful part of Houston.


While you are here, please remember this is an educational experience for me, too. If i get something wrong, let me know. But be nice. Always.



See you around!  


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